Philatelic Books on Kindle – Part 6

All of the books discussed to date have been technical in that they all refer to aspects of philately such as postal history or printing methods, etc. There are however, novels or short stories that include stamp collecting as a general theme or a part of the storyline and are simply pleasure reads and it seems mysteries abound in this category as well as even one children’s book. Again, Amazon is a good source for these titles as well and we thank Tony C. for pointing us to at least one of the following books.

(Get the free Kindle Reader app for your mobile device to read these Kindle books.)

Promise to Pay the Bearer

Promise to Pay the Bearer

  1. Caesar’s Fall
  2. Cancelled: Stamps to Die For
  3. The Case of the Missing Stamp and Coin Collections (Maxwell Marlowe, Private Eye)
  4. On Collecting Stamps
  5. The Case of the One-Penny Orange
  6. The Penny Red Enigma
  7. Promise To Pay The Bearer (A Liam Ross Novel)
  8. The Secret of the Silver Key (Children’s Book)
  9. The Stamp of Guilt

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If you know of other free philatelic books in digital format, please comment as everyone will benefit from your knowledge. End of article marker.

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