Philatelic Books on Kindle – Part 2

In addition to the general philatelic works listed in Kindle Part 1 of this post, a number of Kindle books can be found on specific philatelic subjects. This number will surely increase as philatelic publishers recognize the benefit of generating digital versions in addition to paper. A prime example is the Chess Stamp Review.

Chess Stamps took advantage of this new media and distribution channel in 2011, before other organizations it appears. The benefit of publishing digitally and distributing through Amazon is that millions of customers can see and buy the latest annual compilation of the Chess Stamp Review – for instant gratification.

Kudos to these forward looking publishers. I’m sure there are other philatelic publications on Amazon, but they may need to modify their metadata so we can find them easily. In part 3 we’ll look at free philatelic books I’ve found on Amazon – yes, that’s right, Amazon does have free books. End of article marker.

  1. Chesstamp Review 2011
  2. Chesstamp Review 2012
  3. History of the Postmarks of the British Isles from 1840 to 1876
  4. Patriotic Envelopes of the Civil War: The Iconography of Union and Confederate Covers
  5. Postmarks on Postcards: An Illustrated Guide to Early 20th Century U.S. Postmarks
  6. Stamping Through Astronomy
  7. Stamping Through Mathematics
  8. The County Catalogue of English Numbered Postmarks 1844-1906
  9. The Great Texas Stamp Collection
  10. The Jenny Invert Plate-Number Block
  11. The Wild Duck Chase
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