Philatelic Books on Kindle – Part 1

One of the best mobile software applications for digital philatelists is the Kindle Reader App available from Amazon. Although we normally associate Amazon e-books with handheld Kindles, versions of this app are available for any mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. With this app, Kindle books may be read on any of these devices and best of all, the app is free and easy to install.

Philatelists will be pleased to know Amazon carries a number of volumes related to philately, all accessible using this app. I’ve taken to reading on a Kindle Paperwhite (in sunlight) and an Apple iPad Mini (inside). My books reside on both and if I pick up either, the book automatically syncs between devices and takes me to the place I left off.

A number of general interest philatelic books follow. In the post Kindle – Part 2, I’ll provide a list of books focused on specific subjects as well as a few classics.

  1. A Guide to Philatelic Investing
  2. Generally Speaking
  3. Postage Stamps and Their Collection (1907)
  4. Stamp Collecting As A Pastime – Illustrated
  5. Stamp It Up! Short Stamp Collecting Guide For Beginners
  6. Stamps of the World
  7. The Error World: An Affair with Stamps
  8. Warman’s U.S. Stamps Field Guide: Values & Identification
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