Philatelic Books on Kindle – Part 3

Amazon also offers philatelic books for free in digital format. These are classic texts which may not be the latest as far as publication dates go, but there is useful information in these pages and one cannot argue with the cost. They are well worth the time to download and review to ensure you have all the information available from the greatest number of sources in your interest area. In part 4, we’ll list titles not included in earlier posts.

(Get the free Kindle Reader app for your mobile device to read these Kindle books.)

ten years among mail bags book

Example Free Digital Book

  1. A General Plan for a Mail Communication by Steam – Free
  2. Canada: Its Postage Stamps and Postal Stationery – Free
  3. Cheap Postage – Free
  4. History of the Postage Stamps of the United States of America – Free
  5. Peeps at Postage Stamps – Free
  6. Stamp Collecting as a Pastime – Free
  7. Ten Years Among the Mail Bags – Diary of a Special Agent – Free
  8. The Adhesive Postage Stamp – Free
  9. The Bristol Royal Mail Post, Telegraph, and Telephone – Free
  10. The Development of Rates of Postage An Historical and Analytical Study – Free
  11. The King’s Post – Bristol 1580 to Present – Free
  12. The Mail Pay on the Burlington Railroad – Free
  13. The Postage Stamp in War – Free
  14. The Royal Mail Its Curiosities and Romance – Free
  15. The Stamps of Canada – Free
  16. What Philately Teaches – Brooklyn Institute, February 24, 1899 – Free

Previous posts – Philatelic Books on Kindle – Part 1 and Philatelic Books on Kindle – Part 2

If you know of other free philatelic books in digital format, please comment as everyone will benefit from your knowledge. End of article marker.

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2 comments on “Philatelic Books on Kindle – Part 3
  1. Tony C. says:

    I also found “The Orange Penny Mystery” on Amazon, a mystery novel involving postage. I haven’t read it yet though… It’s on my list.

    • Fran Adams says:

      Tony, Thanks for the additional book, that’s one I’d not found! That’s a good idea and one I’ll address in part 6. Part 4 is for other books at Amazon I’ve found and part 5 is for ebooks from other places than Amazon. Please continue to read and comment, your help is appreciated I’m sure by all our readers.

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