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Web Addresses

The domain names ‘digitalphilately.com’ and ‘virtualphilately.com’ are both directed to the web address ‘digitalphilately.wordpress.com’ used for this blog/website. Both names are owned by Fran Adams.

Authors and Contributors

We are indebted to the following authors and contributors whose knowledge and effort appears in our pages. Email us if you wish to write for us (digitalphilately at gmail.com).

  • Fran Adams
    Collector, exhibitor and digital technology enthusiast combining the hobbies of philately and computers. Author of articles on designing and developing physical and digital philatelic exhibits, studies, references, and literature. Judge for 2007 DPS Competition at Mega-Show. Administrator of this web site.
  • Peter Aiken
    Author of digital philatelic articles on scanning techniques and selection of scanner technology for use in philately.

  • Allen Bohart
    Author of digital philatelic articles on web logging (blogging).
  • Thomas Broadhead
    Author of digital philatelic articles and editor of the Knoxville Philatelic Society News. Winner of 2007 DPS Competition Third Place award with The Most Beautiful Bridge in Paris.

  • Don Chaftez
    APS accredited judge and award winning exhibitor. Former Exhibit Chairman for SANDICAL, an APS nationally accredited philatelic exhibition. Editor of the award winning SIP journal, The Israel Philatelist.

  • Richard Drews
    Collector since age 5 with special interest in world-wide Fakes and Forgeries. APS (philatelic and literature) and FIP judge. Award winning exhibitor of U.S. and Lundy; winner of the APS 1997 “Champion of Champions” (U.S. Issues of 1861-68). Director for AMERIPEX ’86, Executive Director of World Columbian Stamp Expo ’92 and instructor for APS courses The Philatelic Marketplace and Exhibiting for the Prize.

  • Tom Fortunato
    Collector since age 5 and active on the local, national and international scenes. Designer and/or manager of web sites for the RPA, ISWSC, CCCC, Federation of NY Philatelic Societies, APS CAC, Washington 2006, and assists with the World Stamp Show NY 2016 web site.
  • Colin Fraser
    APS accredited judge and award winning exhibitor. Lead presenter of the Digital Philatelic Study Seminar at AmeriStampExpo 07. Founder and organizer of the Digital Philatelic Study competition at the New York Mega-Show.

  • Al Gore
    Author of digital philatelic articles for the journal Compulatelist of the APS Computer Study Unit (currently inactive).

  • David Herendeen
    APS accredited judge, exhibitor and author. Winner of 2006 DPS Competition First Place award with Postage Due Stamps of Slovenia SHS 1918-1921 and Third Place award with Postage Due Stamps of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Judge for 2007 DPS Competition at Mega-Show. Digital Philatelic Study Seminar co-presenter at AmeriStampExpo 07.
  • Ken Horner
    Collector of stamps and labels since the mid 1960s. His collecting interests include U.S. plate blocks and coils, Israel and pre-1947 Palestine issues, as well as the labels of the Jewish National Fund. He resides with his wife Barbara in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.
  • John Hotchner
    Collector since age 5 and a philatelic writer and editor since 1976. An accredited philatelic literature judge (nationally & internationally) and a regular columnist for 9 publications including Linn’s Stamp News, US Stamp News, American Stamp Dealer & Collector, Mourning Notes, La Posta, The Philatelic Communicator, ESPER, EFO Collectors Club, and The Philatelic Exhibitor. He was recently was selected to receive the APSCharles Peterson Award for Lifetime Achievement‘ in philatelic literature. Correspondence welcomed at jmhstamp@verizon.net.

  • Janet Klug
    Philatelic writer, lifelong stamp collector, Past President of the APS, former Chair of the APS Committee on the Accreditation of National Exhibitions and Judges. APS accredited judge, award winning exhibitor, and editor of the Women Exhibitors journal WE Think. Janet is also a leading proponent of philately using social media channels and technology.

  • Richard Maisel FRPSL
    Professor at New York University. Collector of Gambia, award winning exhibitor and philatelic author. Winner of 2007 DPS Competition First Place award with Plating the Gambia 1886 3d Postage Stamp. Former Chairman of the Digital Philatelic Study Committee of the ASDA.
  • Robert Markovits
    Lifelong collector of U.S. Official stamps and postal history and the U.S. Special Delivery system. Long time exhibitor and winner of the APS 1999 “Champion of Champions” (U.S. Officials, 1873-1884) and the first AAPE Ameristamp Expo ‘Single Frame Grand Award’ (U.S. State Department Dollar Values). Author of articles on U.S. philately, the U.S. 10c Registry Issue and winner of USSSHopkinson Memorial Award for Literature‘.

  • Bob Odenweller
    APS and FIP philatelic and literature judge, Long time exhibitor and winner of the APS 1973 “Champion of Champions” (New Zealand 1855-1857), editor (Collectors Club Philatelist), author (Samoa book and AAPE column), administrator (CC Governor, APS Director) and expert (former PF expert chairman). Judge for the 2006 and 2007 DPS Competitions at Mega-Show.

  • Kristin Patterson
    An APS Director-at-Large from 2011 to 2016. Kristin took over as editor of the WE Expressions in 2012. Kristin is also the Show Chair at PENPEX (a local show in Redwood City, CA) and a Director at the APS WSP national exhibition WESTPEX (held in Burlingame, CA.)
  • Ada Prill
    Former member of the Boards of the American Philatelic Society (APS) and the American Association of Philatelic Exhibitors (AAPE). Active in the Rochester (New York) Philatelic Association and the Virtual Stamp Club. Writer for the American Philatelist and the Stamp Insider and instructor for the APS online course Basic Stamp Colletcing.

  • Omar Rodriguez
    Collector of Mexican Philately, member of APS, MEPSI, The Collector’s Club of New York and the Club de Monte Carlo, The Smithsonian’s Council of Philatelists. winner of the APS 2004 “Champion of Champions” (Hidalgo First Issue of Mexico 1856–1864 and Provisional Usages), Grand Prix International Washington 2006. Promoter of the ‘Philately on YouTube‘ initiative.

  • Wade Saadi
    Lifelong stamp collector, writer, editor of the 1847 Section of The Chronicle of U.S. Classic Postage Issues. Award winning exhibitor. Past President of the APS, USPCS and World Stamp Show NY2016. Member of the Smithsonian NPM’s Council of Philatelists and Chair the New Initiatives Committee.
  • Albert Starkweather
    Former editor of The Communicator, the quarterly journal of the Writer’s Unit #30 of the APS and author of articles on copyright, digital image preparation, color and optical character recognition as well as digital publishing for traditional printed publications.

  • Wobbe Vegter
    Cyber-philatelist collecting the topic Computers in Philately. His award winning exhibit “From Abacus to Internet” describes development of the computer. President of Bellville Philatelic Society. Author of articles on Cyber-Philately and thematic exhibiting in South Africa, Netherlands, Romania and the U.S.

In addition to the authors above, we wish to thank the following contributors and supporters of digital philately whose images, exhibits and or digital/virtual philatelic works appear on our pages.

  • Michael Bass
  • Bill Bauer
  • Jonathan Becker
  • Alan Campbell
  • Richard Frajola
  • Elizabeth Hisey
  • Lester C. Lanphear III
  • Ted Lockyear
  • Jack Mayer
  • Randy Neil
  • Phil Stager
  • Judy Stewart
  • Steve Suffet

2008 © fran adams


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