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Due to a change in my availability to post, future articles will be sporadic. Thank you for reading and following the blog.

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Commenting on DP Articles

Fran Adams Digital Philately is a place for learning and information exchange. As such, ‘public commenting’ is a valuable tool in our learning toolbox. Knowledgeable collectors may wish to share their expertise, but, they may not wish to write an


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Roll Your Own Blogging

Allen Bohart, Compulatelist A second approach to setting up a blog is to “roll your own.” Basically, this means that you start with a barebones web server installation and you set up some sort of blogging software to begin building

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Philatelic Blogging

Allen Bohart, Compulatelist Blogging is a phenomenon that has taken the Internet by storm in the last couple of years. Blogs have had an effect on traditional news media, the business world, and even governmental organizations. Now, we stamp collectors

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