Philatelic Books on Kindle – Part 4

Amazon has yielded several additions to our previous lists of philatelic books in Kindle ebook format and they follow. I’m sure the list can be updated again in the future and we look forward to comments on this post with additional suggestions for the list. In part 5 of this post, we’ll present a list of digital books available from Project Gutenberg and the Philatelic Digital Library Project.

(Get the free Kindle Reader app for your mobile device to read these Kindle books.)

G.H. Kaestlin collection bookcover

Imperial Russian and Zemstvo Stamps

  1. Flaked Out: The Story of Cod and Newfoundland
  2. G.H. Kaestlin Collection of Imperial Russian and Zemstvo Stamps
  3. George V’s Obsession – a King and his Stamps
  4. A History of Britain in Thirty-six Postage Stamps
  5. Miniature Messages: Semiotics & Politics of Latin American Postage Stamps
  6. Phila-Italy Americana : Italian Themes on US Stamps
  7. Stamp Collecting as Pastime – Illustrated

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If you know of other free philatelic books in digital format, please comment as everyone will benefit from your knowledge. End of article marker.

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