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Exhibiting Digitally (2)

Wobbe Vegter, South African Philatelist (continuation of the article Exhibiting Digitally Part 1) Having your own website also means frequent updating and maintenance of the site. I used to have a dial-up facility (I’m based in South Africa) with a

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Exhibiting Digitally (1)

Wobbe Vegter, South African Philatelist When I started exhibiting more than 10 years ago, I soon got in contact with a number of other philatelists and exhibitors worldwide addicted to the same subject. Having been in IT since the mid

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Online Exhibits on Computer Technology

As an added feature of the blog, we now link to several online exhibits on computer technology. From Abacus to Laptop: Johann Vandenhaute (Belgium) The Story of the Computer: Dan Dobrescu (Romania) Computer Stamps: Vito Galgano (Italy) The sites are

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Body Pages in Publisher

Janet Klug, WE Think Body pages are just as easy to create as title pages using Publisher and the techniques we have just described in the article MS Publisher and Title Pages. First you need to add a few pages.

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A Few Key Points

Fran Adams The following are points I’ve come to recognize as being helpful in my efforts to produce digital philatelic presentations. Bear in mind that this list is not all inclusive, nor is every personal opinion included; but, it may

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Planning a Digital Study

Fran Adams Once a collector turns to exhibiting, the requirement to increase one’s philatelic knowledge expands exponentially, typically as a result of the need to display that knowledge to further an award level. Accumulating reference material is not the goal

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Defining Digital Philately

Fran Adams My philatelic bookshelf is never wide enough for the number of reference books I aspire to. Binders with magazine cuttings don’t fit there and it never fails that some articles end up in the recesses of a bottom

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