Philatelic Literature & Self-Publishing

There are times when something new strikes your fancy and you dive wholeheartedly in – and so it is with self-publishing. Philately lends itself to this effort as endless studies or stories can be told and for just this reason, it actually becomes fun.

In the coming weeks I’ll be listing philatelic literature which I find interesting or have personally produced. I hope something might be interesting for you.

O.C. Marsh, Chief Red Cloud and the Thunder Horses

It was a time of scientific discovery and the characters in the story are all larger than life today. But, they were quite the personalities even in their day.

Othneil Charles Marsh, a paleontologist, described dozens of new species as he examined remains from the fossil rich western badlands of the Dakotas and Wyoming.

Chief Red Cloud, the highly respected leader of the Oglala Lakota tribe, led his people wisely not only in war but also in peace. The Red Cloud Agency bore his name.

Thunder Horses – Giants of prehistoric times whose very name elicits visions of Mammoths and Brontosaurs.

Combine all three and a wonderful true story of suspense and true friendship with a dose of hardship presents lessons in trust and altruism. Two things our modern culture might learn from.

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