Electronics in Exhibits

Kristin Patterson, WE Expressions – Vol 6 No 4

When we hear the term electronics, we think of recent inventions such as the iPad and cell phone. These items that we cannot live without seem to have no connection with philatelic exhibiting, but be assured that after you read this article and two other related articles, you will have a philatelic appreciation for electronics.

Most exhibit divisions allow for only philatelic material and penalize  for non-philatelic elements. But the “Display Division exhibits combine philatelic elements from any or all of the General Class Divisions with a significant number, range and diversity of non-philatelic elements to tell a unified, cohesive story.” Phrases in quotes are taken directly from the 2012 APS Judging Manual.

The judging manual goes on to mention “Non-philatelic elements normally encountered include paper ephemera, photographs, physical objects and the addressee and/or content of mailed letters.” This is not an inclusive list but rather gives exhibitors a starting point. It does require that “The non-philatelic collateral material must be directly related to and form part of the subject story.”

In the Display Division, it would appear that an audio or a video tape would be perfectly suitable if it was related to the exhibit subject matter. Video Used in Exhibit is discussed.

But what about the other divisions? I have heard many judges say that exhibitors need to keep the number of words on their pages to a minimum. Yet, most exhibits want to tell a more complete story than just the philatelic aspect. Now that can be done with QR codes, read the coming article, Incorporating QR Codes in Exhibits. End of article marker.

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