Web Sites Promote Growth

Thomas Fortunato, Philatelic Communicator

Organizations that lack a Web presence are out of tune with society today, and quite honestly, missing the boat. Those that don’t have a Web site either have no one in their group who can build one, or simply don’t want to advertise their organization. Into which of these two categories does your organization fall?

American Philatelic Society

American Philatelic Society

The Web is how most people gain information about their community and world. It has always been seen as a special interest tool, where advocates of everything under the sun turn to promote their interests. Philately is no different. Think about it: How does your organization currently promote itself, and how effective has that strategy been? Do you take out newspaper ads? How about radio or TV ads? What about large billboards? Unless your treasury is super loaded, you won’t be able to afford these.

It is possible to host a Web page completely free of charge. Hosting a site without advertising is almost as inexpensive and can start as low as $5 per month, which would include your own Web domain name, such as http://www.citystampclub.org.

New York Societies

Federation of New York Philatelic Societies

Real people use the Web! Stamp collectors, especially younger ones under the age of 60, are Web savvy. If they want to find a club in their area, they simply do a Google search (www.google.com) and type in “stamp club” and their city name to see who is around. Try it yourself now and bring the results to your board or officers.

You may find references to your organization, including where it meets, elsewhere on the Web, but why should potential new members have to go anywhere except your club’s official Web site to get accurate, up-to-date information about your meetings, events, etc.?

Rochester Philatelic Association

Rochester Philatelic Association

To survive, organizations need to be utilizing every possible resource to promote themselves. A Web site should be in that mix, especially if you have a volunteer capable of running it for you.

Not that long ago you had to write code to produce your own Web page or one for your stamp club. Thankfully those days are gone. If you are comfortable sending e-mails and simple Web surfing, you have all the skill it takes to get a Web page up and running. End of article marker.

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